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Book Cover Design

SINISTER ARTS can create very unique eye catching book covers  that perfectly captures the essence
of your book and inspires readers’ curiosity.

Get an eye-catching, custom-designed book cover (front, back, spine) in every format required for digital and print publishing.

With a completely confidential and secure service and all are revised for free if required, ensuring you are 100% satisfied!

A cover is basically the face of a book. As our face can reflect our inner feelings, similarly a book cover can also reflect what is inside that book. Book covers play the role of introducing the book to the potential readers.

Some publishers also believe that there is a direct relationship between a good cover and good sales of that book. If a book has a well-designed and attractive cover, it will attract customers more. On the other hand, if a book has a bad cover with badly formatted text or low-quality pictures, then the potential customer will not be attracted towards the book. When the reader sees a book with a great cover, they think positively about the book but if the book cover is poorly designed with little or no editing that makes it look cheap. The customers are more likely to notice the mistakes in the book cover and they perceive the inside tale will be cheap too.

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